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Welcome to the home page of Livin' In Swing Productions, for the finest in live music!

The finest musicians entertaining in Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Emerald Lake, Vancouver, Whistler and regions. With a Swing Dance band, Latin band, Jazz trio, Wedding Party band, Country band, R&B Band, or Jazz Pianist, I've got any event covered.

So you’re having a party? Imagine having a musical director plan your event... Anything is possible! Show elements can be customized to suit: musical styles, song selections, costumes, decor, lights & sound, dancers. It's your show. My role as your MD is to bring the party to life with talented musicians, a diverse repertoire and a fun & upbeat attitude onstage.

Since 1996 I have been a career musical director, and currently direct the following groups:
the Livin' In Swing Band / Orchestra
the Coco Locos Salsa Orchestra
the Peter Robinson Group
the Peter Robinson Jazz Trio / Quartet
the IDezire R&B Band
Dueling Grand Pianos

Also I present a wide variety of vocalists, from Swing & Jazz to Soul, R&B and Latino performers. My favourite shows are big pizazz events which call for a horn section and backing vocals!

Check out our complete repertoire (PDF), which includes several hundred well-known Popular pieces of music spanning several decades.

Check our website for MP3 samples of every group, and find out where we’ve played (PDF), and what they’ve said about us.

Probably the best feature of this website is that you can preview video footage of just about everything. This way you will know exactly what you're getting.

Our Theme Parties range from Mardi Gras to Sinatra Tribute to 70’s Retro Night to Caribbean Dance Party.

And for simple Cocktail Parties, a trio playing a little soft Jazz, Pop and Latin music can provide a gentle backdrop to your intimate affair.

If you’re a bride, we’ll learn your favourite song, and meet together as often as it takes to perfect the show flow for your Wedding Reception from start to finish, with special music for each age group.

With Corporate Events we understand what you’re looking for, and we do our best to get everyone up out of their seats dancing, singing along and having a great time.

Gala Award Shows are taken very seriously, with custom arrangements, exact timing and themed play-ons and play-offs that match the award or match unique recipients.

Charity Events receive special treatment. Ask about our offer for silent auction fundraisers.

Our Rates are competitive with other groups of our calibre. And about the price, yes we can be flexible. Let me know what your budget is, and I will do my best to entertain your group at a price you can afford. If I can’t, I will recommend another group.

Full price shows are All-Inclusive, so there are no surprises. Full fare clients receive ‘little extras’ such as special music preparation, event music consultations, cocktail piano before the show, DJ services on the breaks, and sometimes additional lead singers, musicians or background vocalists, all at no extra charge.

Our 2005 shows with six or more musicians enjoyed three lovely and talented female background singers, our latest addition, compliments of Livin' In Swing.

Please look around the site, I have tried to provide as much information as I can to make it easy for you to make your entertainment decisions. And please call me if you have any questions or feedback.


Peter Robinson, Musical Director
Livin’ In Swing Productions Inc.

Calgary & Banff: 403-604-5483

Vancouver & Whistler: 604-685-5483

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Calgary, Banff: 403-604-5483
Vancouver, Whistler: 604-685-5483
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